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Pool Time (Script)

2009-03-19 04:12:42 by thq95348

Pool Time

By:Adrian Young

Characters: Steve, Harper, Eli, Brian (The Douche)

(bong is ignited)

Steve: (inhales and exhales smoke) You know what's pretty crazy? Dinosaurs!!

(Group engages in laughter)

Steve: No Really!!! you never thought about that shit!! Really think about it...
can you imagine waking up like "Aw hey baby get up and fix me some pancakes bitch!" (wife in backround says "Okee dookie!")
and you go outside to check the weather or some shit and you see this 90ft. fuckin' beast towering over your fucking cave!? Seriously like what...what do you do
about some shit like that!!

(Group Still Laughing)

Harper: I would try to fuck it...

Steve: (Laughing) You would...fuck it..

Harper: Damn right...I would climb that big bitch like I'm the God of War Wrap my Loin cloth around my head like Rambo and
simply Macho Man Randy Savage that sweet Dino ass!

Eli: Ya see Harper shit like that is what I mean what the fuck you amaze me everytime! what the fuck was that?!
Fuck a Dino ass

Harper: I never said anything about an ass I'm goin' for that Pootietang ...

Brian: Pootietang!? Who says that (Laughing)

Steve: Fuck up Douche you'd probably want the Dino Dick knowing you!

Brian: Yea oook

Steve: I know it's okay douche! Even if it was a female Dino you would slam it to, blow a load in it have a Lil' Dino Douche
named 'Dynamo' and...

Eli: (Laughing) wait what? Why is his kids name gonna be 'Dynamo'?

Steve: Because he's half Dinosaur and half Homo Hence Dy-na-mo.

(Group Bursts into laughter)

Eli: Alright I've had about enough of the Dino-Porn really...

Steve: yea me to but this made me think about something else...

Eli: WAIT!! Before you say anything else does it involve fucking any kind of orphisies

Steve: Nope scouts honor!!

Eli: Proceed Counselor

Steve: Okay so I'm thinkin' since there were Dinosaurs and shit running around yelling and stepping on gram gram's and shit (backround Roar and scream from grandma)
I'm thinkin' who's to say there wasn't like fancible unicorns, dragons, and rainbow brite?

(group laughs)

Harper: Rainbow Brite is hot...

Eli: (Slaps Harper) NO! Harper NO! We do not think little lolita kids dressed like a raver are hot!

Harper: Hey fuck you man you told me you had a crush on Smurfette when we were in 8th grade...

Eli: You asshole!! You swore by the seesaw you would never tell! Besides...she had to have been 18 or something...

Steve: Alright alright ladies keep it down and your panties on before Brian wants to fuck you both

Brian: Fuck off Steve!

Steve: Douche you and me know both you won't do shit about nothing so shut up before I Chung-Li you in the throat. Now how about some FOOOOOOOOD!!!!

Harper: Yea it's about that time I can go for some "Out N' About"

Eli: Fuck that Burger Binge Sounds Bomb Diggityyyyyy!!!!(High pitch voice)

Steve: Fuck what everyone is talking about "Taco Hell" is where it's at right now!!!

Brian: No way guys let's go to "Weiner Pistol"!!

Steve: You would say something gay like that! You would want some weiner right now Faggot boy! O sorry no offense Eli I know how gay people don't like hate words and all..

Eli: Eat ma cock Steve...

Steve: You would love that wouldn't u well how about this we play "Smack!" until we have a victor!!

(everyone cheers 'Hell yea!')

Steve: Alrighty so who's up first?

(To be continued..)


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2009-08-08 09:07:05

Nic emusic, nice profile pic too btw ;)